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  It is believed that the education for the younger generation is a top priority, and for this reason, the cause of inheriting the gene of Red Culture starts from children. In order to better inherit and carry forward the thoughts of the great man, and spread the thoughts on economy and methods of Chen Yun during his 70 plus years of revolutionary career among young people in an interesting manner, the Memorial has rolled out a game-featured innovative teaching experience activity for the first time, which has combined the concept of financial quotient and Red culture, and integrated ideas on economy with games. It was expected that children can acquire finance knowledge through these games and become little “financial managers”.

  The first lesson of “little financial manager”: visiting Chen Yun Memorial

  As the founder of China’s socialist economic construction, Chen Yun took charge of national economy but led a very frugal, simple life.

  To be an outstanding “little financial manager”, you have to learn to be diligent and thrifty, and to take care of your belongings in the first place.

  After the visit, the children said that they would learn from Chen Yun and never ask parents for new toys.

  The second lesson of “little financial manager”: working to be a “financial expert”

For this lesson, we have invited Chen Wanyu, a teacher specialized in combining game and education, as the speaker.

Then the lesson began.

See how attentive the students were.

They actively answered questions.

The teacher said that, to get “the first pot of gold”, we must be cooperative with our parents. The more cooperative we are, the more gold we are likely to get.

How to use these hard-won “money”? We must make our shopping plan in a reasonable way to avoid going bankrupt.

What should we do in case of soaring prices in currency inflation similar to the one in 1949?

No worry! Let’s ask our teacher and parents’ advice.

The teacher told us that such an economy conundrum was cracked by Chen Yun.

How amazing Chen Yun is!

After this interesting financial quotient course, we can all become competent “little financial managers”.

By participating in the activity, children have learned money management and cherish money. Hopefully they would gain happiness and growth.

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